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EQUAL - Heavy Duty Step Ladder

With EQUAL Ladder, any heights can be achieved with the Safety & Comfort. EQUAL Ladders are made of Highest grade of Aluminium i.e. 6063 T5 with the Tube thickness of 1.3 mm to make sure that each ladder has been provided the sufficient strength to bear the rated Load Capacity.


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'Equal' presents Heavy Duty Foldable Aluminium Step Ladders to fulfill all kinds of Routine Home Requirements whether it is to clean Fan, Tubelights inside the room or putting some storage in wardrobe at heights. At the same time, considering the space availability in homes, the products takes the least space in your home & fits in any corner of your house. The products are made of Height Strength Light weight 6063 T5 grade of Aluminium of thickness 1.3 mm making the Ultimate Load Capacity of the Ladder is 150 Kg. It's Anti-slip PVC shoe feature allows it to use even on wet surfaces. Also, the Knee guard for the Leg protection during climb & the Sari Guard for the protection of clothes makes it best-in-class product to be useful for every Households. As far as the Safety is concern, the Product is EN - 131 certified which is an European Standard for Ladders Safety. Also, our Company has been certified with ISO 9001:2008 for adopting quality Management Standards

  • High Strength Light Weight 6063 T5 grade Aluminium with 1.3 mm thickness for extra Durability with Weight Bearing/Load capacity of 120 Kg
  • Anodized & Rust proof for use in all kinds of Indoor & Outdoor Environment & Wheather conditions
  • Anti-Slip PVC Shoe for safe use in smooth & wet surfaces, Stable Platform with jagged grooves for additional grip
  • Wide Steps of 8 cm for Extra Comfort & Safe Climb
  • Knee Guard for additional safety of Leg & Saree Guard on each Step to protect the Clothes
  • Upto 5 Steps
  • Ladder Height Upto 3.3 Feet

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