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EQUAL - Portable and Compact 13-Steps Telescopic Foldable Aluminium Ladder

With EQUAL Telescopic Ladder, any heights can be achieved with the utmost Safety & Comfort. When you are using EQUAL Ladder, be assured for all safety concerns. EQUAL ladder occupies the less space once it folded which makes it ideal for those families who have confined space availability.


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Get the extra length you'd like to have in a ladder without surrendering storage space with this EQUAL telescoping ladder. This telescopic ladder is designed for residential use but it features the same quality design found in industrial versions. Ladder extends in 1-ft. increments up to 12.5 feet, making it great for hard-to-reach spaces in your home, and folds to 32 inch when not in use, so it stores virtually anywhere. Features aerospace engineered 6063 aluminum alloy construction with clean-touch anodized finish and includes a no-pinch closure system, nonslip end caps and integrated carry handle.

  • Product Dimensions (Open Size): 12.5 Feet; Product Folded Size: Length (87 cm), Width (48 cm), Height (8 cm) And 10kg net weight.
  • Primary Material: This Telescopic Extension ladder is made of Aluminum 6063 T5 Grade. Aluminium Thickness is 1.5 mm And Height between steps is 29.5 cm.
  • Color: Silver Gray; It can be folded, save space and easy to carry. This folding ladder is Non-Insulated.
  • Assembly Required: No assembly required. The Product comes in Foldable form and just require unfolding. Product Load-Bearing 150kg.
  • Warranty of the Product is covered only against the Manufacturing defect or any damage during Transportation

Product Variant

EALT 020
EALT 038

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