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Keli Load Cell

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Product Accuracy NA

Product Capacity 5 Ton to 40 Ton

Product Code QS-A & QS-D


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Keli is the biggest manufacturer of Digital scale in China so far. The annual capacity is up to 1,000,000 pieces of digital weighing scales, load cell, and weighing system. They have a large and skilled set of R&D who have the ability to produce advanced equipment with high-end testing and inspection. According to the OIML R60 and ISO 9001:2000, Keli supply various digital scale such as personal scale, kitchen weighing scale, digital & Analog load cells with high precision, reliable capability, anti-erosion, waterproof etc.

Unique Power Technologies is among the most authorized Keli load cell importer and supplier in India of Keli.


  • Capacity: 5t to 50t
  • Steel ball loading, strong restoration ability
  • Easy complete installation
  • high weighing accuracy
  • OIML C3 certificate
  • Alloy Steel


  • Truck scale
  • Railway scale
  • Blending scale and all kinds of weighing apparatus


Rated capacity: 5ton to 50 ton

Operating temperature range: -30 to +70℃

Rated output:  2.0±0.002 mv/v

Maximum safe overload;150% OF R.C

Combined error:±0.03% F.S

Ultimate safe overload;200% OF R.C

Non-repeatability:±0.02% F.S

Recommended Excitation;10 to 12V DC

Non-linearity:±0.02% F.S

Maximum Excitation;15V DC

Hysteresis error:±0.02% F.S

Environment protection: IP68

Zero balance: ±1% F.S

Input impedance: 750±10Ω

Creep error(30minutes): ±0.02% F.S

Output impedance: 702±3Ω; 703±5Ω(cable≥15m);

Temperature effect on zero: ±0.02% F.S

Insulation resistance at 50V DC: ≥5000MΩ

Temperature effect on output: ±0.02% F.S

Material: nickel-plated alloy steel;

Compensated temperature range: -10 to +40℃

Cable length: 5.2meter(5t);8meter(10t); 10meter(15t); 10/12meter(20t);12/16meter(25t~50t)

diameter: 6mm

Product Variant

QS-A Type 5 Ton NA Analog NA
QS-A Type 10 Ton NA Analog NA
QS-A Type 20 Ton NA Analog NA
QS-A Type 30 Ton NA Analog NA
QS-A Type 40 Ton NA Analog NA
QS-D Type 30 Ton NA Digital NA

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