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EQUAL Foldable Platform Trolley For Lifting Heavy Weight, 200 Kg

In day to day Routine life, it is very common for every Household family to encounter a situation when one need to lift the heavy weight to move it from one place to another


Product Accuracy NA

Product Capacity 200kg

Product Code EPT - 2005


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EQUAL presents heavy duty robust structure ISI approved Platform Weighing Scale series suitable for all kinds of Commercial & Industrial Purposes. The products are designed to sustain rough & harsh industrial environment. This Class-III weighing scale are available with Max. Capacity of 100kg, 150Kg & 300Kg with accuracy of 10g, 20g & 50g respectively. Both Mild Steel (MS) & Stainless Steel (SS) platforms are available. Equipped with 0.56' 7-segment WHITE LED Display for better visibility backed by 6V, 4.5Ah battery backup that lasts for almost 40 hours. The whole structure is Powder Coated to protect its structure from Rusting when comes in contact with harsh Environmental Conditions.

  • FOLDING DESIGN: Opens and Closes in seconds, easier storage and transportation. ideal for use in Households & Multi story buildings
  • LIGHT WEIGHT: The Platform is made of light weight high density Poly Propylene (PP) material for heavy weight lifting while the Handles are made of Chromed Steel
  • EAST TO STORE: Compact, Foldable & easily fits in any corner of your Home/Office/Warehouse/ Lifts & Elevators
  • Mounted on 4 swivel & 2 fixed 125 mm (5 inch) airless Castor wheels.
  • EASY TO TRANSPORT. Quiet, rolling wheels: Cart Platform Contains 4 rolling wheels that provide stability and simple mobility, can be taken and stored anywhere

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