Table Top / Counter Weighing Scales

Our range of Table Top Counter Weighing Scales are perfect for everyday use as commercial scales within retail, manufacturing, food processing and more!

EQUAL Digital Table Top Weighing Scale

Tabletop Weighing Scale/Machines are extremely helpful For You If You Own a little Or Medium Level Business sort of a Grocery look wherever you wish To often Weigh things together with Groceries, Flour, Oats, Or Rice.

Product Accuracy 1/2g

Product Capacity 10/20kg

Product Code UET-01N

PAN Size 170 X 220

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Products Detail

We are one of the leading manufacturers & Supplier of wide range of Table Top Weight Machine that is available at best available specifications. Our table top weighing scales precisely engineered with latest technologies and quality.

  • Tare/zero facility
  • Bright LED display with intensity control
  • Overload Protection
  • Robust Structure & Powder Coated to suit rough Environmental conditions
  • Piece Counting Facility
  • Battery low alarm & indication
  • International quality load cell
  • Longer battery back-up upto 50 hrs
  • Single key calibration

Product Variant

UET-01N 10/20 kg 1/2 g III 170 X 220
UET-02N 10/20 kg 1/2 g III 170 X 220

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