Table Top / Counter Weighing Scales

Our range of Table Top Counter Weighing Scales are perfect for everyday use as commercial scales within retail, manufacturing, food processing and more!

EQUAL Digital Table Top & Counter Weighing Scale

Tabletop Weighing Machines Will Be Highly Useful For You If You Own A Small Or Medium Level Business Like A Grocery Shop Where You Need To Frequently Weigh Items Including Groceries, Flour, Oats, Or Rice.

Product Accuracy Upto 5g

Product Capacity Upto 30kg

Product Code UET-08N Series

PAN Size 175X225

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Products Detail

We are one of the leading manufacturers & Supplier of wide range of Table Top Weight Machine that is available at best available specifications. Our table top weighing scales precisely engineered with latest technologies and quality.

  • Tare/zero facility
  • Bright LED display with intensity control
  • Overload Protection
  • Robust Structure & Powder Coated to suit rough Environmental conditions
  • Piece Counting Facility
  • Battery low alarm & indication
  • International quality load cell
  • Longer battery back-up upto 50 hrs
  • Single key calibration

Product Variant

UET-08N1 10kg 1g III 175X225
UET-08N2 20kg 2g III 175X225
UET-08N3 30kg 5g III 175X225

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