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Equal is India's leading Weighbridge Manufacturer/ suplier. We are supplying high-quality weighbridges/ dharam-kanta in India and outside. Buy Truck Scale, Road Weighbridge & Customized Truck Weighbridge at Best Price. Contact Now.

EQUAL Pit type Weighbridge

Pit type weighbridge also known as Surface Mounted Weighbridge are the Conventional weighbridges that are installed in level with the Surface which requires less Floor Space & facilitates easy vehicle movement & accessibility to the Load Cells sensors as compared to the Pit Less Weighbridges. Additionally, there is no requirement of Ramp in Pit Type Weighbridges. However, the Pit type weighbridge sometimes may have Water Clogging problem & requires routine maintenance.

Product Accuracy 20kg

Product Capacity Upto 200 MT

Product Code UEWB-PT Series

PAN Size Upto 25.0 Mtr.

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Products Detail

With an industry experience of more than 17 years, Equal has become a Pioneer in manufacturing Road Weighbridges & offer Built to Last Weighbridges & Truck Scales by adopting latest cutting-edge technology & unmatched Project execution.

At Equal, the Road weighbridge are made of High-Strength reinforced mild steel with accurately fabricated wide flanged beams and other structural members designed for heavy usage and harsh environment. We offer a wide range of Pit type Weighbridge of Capacity ranging from 30 MT to 200 MT and sizes available from 7.5 Mtr. To 18.0 Mtr. Being a Customer centric company, we also offer any kind of Customize size based on Customer requirements.

We have our own ISO 9001:2008 certified state-of-the-art manufacturing facility dedicated to weighbridge production spanning over an area of 16000 sq. ft based out at Jaipur, Rajasthan with annual Production capacity of 500 Weighbridges. Our Team of Service Engineers has spread across the Country & trained enough to trouble shoot any Technical issue in the quickest possible time. With more than 500+ installations across Pan INDIA, Equal Road Weighbridges has also been exported to various countries like Nepal, Bangladesh, Bhutan etc.

  • Saves Floor Space: No requirement of Ramps on either side saves large Floor space which makes it ideal for Locations with confined space availability
  • Easy Vehicle Movement: The Pit type weighbridge installed at the level of Surface with facilitates the easy movements of Vehicles on the Weighbridge Platform
  • Saves Civil Expenses of Ramp: As the weighbridge installed in level with the Surface, there is no requirement of Ramp which further reduces the Civil Cost.
  • High precision Analog/Digital load-cells assembly is used to absorb excessive impact forces caused when vehicle enter & leave the weighbridge to provide better accuracy.
  • All EQUAL Road Weighbridges comes with an Intelligent Terminal (I.T.), A Junction Box, A Jumbo Display for displaying weight, 80-Column Dot Matrix Printer with Keyboard for printing receipt of Weighment.

Product Variant

UEWB-PT1 10MT/20MT 2Kg III 4.8*2.5 M
UEWB-PT2 30MT/40MT 5Kg III 6.75*3.0 M
UEWB-PT3 50MT/60MT 5Kg / 10Kg III 7.5*3.0 M
UEWB-PT4 60MT/80MT 10Kg III 9.0*3.0 M
UEWB-PT5 60MT/80MT 10Kg III 12.0*3.0 M
UEWB-PT6 80MT/100MT 10Kg III 15.0*3.0 M
UEWB-PT7 80MT/100MT 10Kg III 16.0*3.0 M
UEWB-PT8 100MT/150MT 10Kg/20Kg III 18.0*3.0 M
UEWB-PT9 100MT/150MT 10Kg/20Kg III 22.0*3.0 M
UEWB-PT10 200 MT 20Kg III 22.0*3.0 M

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