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Before we dwell further to understand the importance of correct weighing, let’s answer this question. What is Baker’s dozen? Medieval British Bakers while would charge for a dozen loaves would actually pack 13 as they avoided being penalized for selling short weight. However, there are other reasons, this phrase quite sums up the requirement of correct calibration in the Food & Beverages Industry.

The food and beverage industry is ever-evolving to address consumers’ demand, increasing food safety requirements, and intensified regulatory compliance -- all while improving productivity and increasing product quality. It is one of the biggest industries in the world.

Therefore, in such a scenario, the importance of correct weighing in the Food & Beverages industry cannot be overlooked as it is directly related to people’s health. Moreover, incorrect calibrations can lead to change in taste, odor & quality. Without accurate measurements of ingredients, products would not have the taste, look, and uniformity we rely on. A few food & beverages companies do not share the ratio of ingredients mixed in the recipe. Another classic example is the leading instant noodle brand. Many of its competitors have tried copying its formula of ingredients mixed but no one has been able to match it.  Similarly, traditional Indian food is all about the right kind of mixing of ingredients.

Even in inventory management, weighing scales are used. These are industrial scales. This is quite enough to understand the importance of weighing in this industry. 

Equal is one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of retail weighing scales, weighing scales for shops, food scales, kitchen weighing scales, counter weighing scales. Our products offer minimum variance in calibration. As per the government of India guidelines amended up to the year 1999 on the subject, the kitchen weighing scales can be dispatched without dismantling.

Equal provides weighing scales and solutions for all parts of the global food and beverage industry. Weighing scales help ensure food safety and regulatory compliance while maximizing efficiency and protecting food industry profits.

Equal’s products are digital indicators, they are ultra-precision weighing systems with the lowest variance. They are temperature-resistant, humidity-proof, and sturdy weighing solutions. Shop from our wide range of food processing weighing scales.


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