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Mining & Transport


Determining correct weighing in this industry takes the pole position as this industry is heavily dependent on environmental clearances and regulations. Therefore, Mining industry requires various weighing solutions at various points. Here, the basic operation is extraction of raw materials from land, sea or mountains and then transporting it to the factories for processing. After this, the waste management is also crucial as it effects the ecological surroundings. A small mismanagement can lead to disasters thus invoke heavy penalties and legal actions.  Moreover, incorrect weight management leads to wear and tear of the carrying vehicles.

Therefore, correct information including weight data and inventory management is very paramount in mining and transport industries. Hence, both inbound and outbound loads need to be weighed correctly.

Our heavy-duty weighing scale, industrial weighing scale bench scales, counting scales and balances are highly calibrated equipment and precise. They are not only built for inhouse usage, but withstand the difficult external conditions related with land, sea or mountains.

Equal’s heavy weight machines can accommodate big inventory of extracts and waste slag and yet deliver the degree of accurateness required. Heavy loads are taken good care by our industrial weighing scales. They are tough, reliable and yet highly calibrated, so that you get the desired results. Our products are the best in the class in the country. When you buy any Equal product, you offer trust and transparency to your clients.Thus, it results in the overall profitability enhancement and higher customer delight. Buy from the wide range of Equal heavy-duty weighing scales.  


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