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Metal, Electrical and Chemical Industry


Determining correct weighing in this industry takes the pole position as it a volume game. Moreover, it is dependent on environmental clearances and regulations. Hence, these are very sensitive industries and therefore precision balances are used in it.

Generally, these are heavy industries, large quantities of raw materials are used. The production process leads to creation of new compounds and products. Along with them, huge quantity of slag or chemical waste is also produced.

Measuring the exact quantity of products mix is done with the help of electronic weighing scales.For instance, in the steel industry, unless the exact weight of other elements is added to iron, the stainless steel will be of inferior quality. Likewise, while making acids and other compounds, determination of exact quantity is very crucial for the final product. In short, industrial weighing equipment

As mentioned above, waste management is also crucial as it effects the ecological surroundings. A small mismanagement can lead to disasters thus invoke heavy penalties and legal actions.  Moreover, incorrect weight management leads to wear and tear of the carrying vehicles.

Equal is one of the preferred partners in the weighing scales solutions in the heavy industry category. We meet the requirements of the industries by providing reliable, accurate and safe methods to weigh metals/ chemicals used in the manufacturing process.

Our precision weighing scales offer correct calibration while product mixing or adding and before chemical reaction. Equal’s devices are harsh temperature resistant. Not only this, our engineers guide customers in certain cases on type of weighing system to be used. Thus, we ensure trust, profitability and productivity. Shop from our wide range of electronic weighing balances.


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