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It is needless to mention the importance of correct calibration in the personal care & medical health industry. High-precision scales are used in neonatal care and nursing homes. As the name suggests, these offer very less variance in measurement. Equal Digital baby weighing scale is a high-precision instrument with a maximum variance of up to 5 grams. It can weigh up to 30 kilograms.

In this industry, only class III products are used.  Generally, various types of high-precision weighing scales are used in health care. For instance, in some cases, patients have limited or zero mobility, therefore. Therefore, precision balances that can weigh a patient while seated on a chair or bed are used.

In other categories, the Body fat scale is widely used. It is a typical weighing machine that you find in fitness centers or gymnasiums, at doctor’s chambers, hospitals or at home. You stand on it and weigh yourself.  There are some critical factors that should be considered while purchasing a digital tabletop weighing scale.  These are; waterproof, shockproof and skid-proof. It should be able to resist normal temperatures and also it should be humid-proof.

Equal is a leader in this segment. Equal  offers the best personal scale in India to measure body weight. A slim and sleek weight machine that provides accurate measurement every time you are taking a reading. It’s a user-friendly scale with auto-step-on technology to provide you with quick results. The scale LCD reflects clear readings and the maximum load capacity of this weighing machine is 150 kg.

The machine is able to detect the lowest weight accurately up to 100 grams. It has a lithium battery and is powered by 3 volts. These high-precision balances are electronic devices. As per the government of India guidelines amended up to 1999 on the subject, the baby weighing scale & certain bathroom scales and body weighing scales can be dispatched without dismantling. 

Similarly, in labs and the pharma industry, each milligram has relevance. Hence, it is important that correct weighing equipment is used. Equal’s precision balances conform to all regulatory and government compliances. Since these are used in critical industries, Equal has ensured that all products pass through stringent quality tests and procedures.   Shop from our wide range of healthcare industry weighing scales. 


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