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Equal is one of India's leading manufacturers of weighing scales and weighbridges. We provide various weighing solutions. These are digital weighing machines. In common parlance, these are called electronic Kanta.  Weighing solutions have numerous usages. Directly or indirectly we are touched by them. We encounter them in a departmental store, a showroom, a food chain any grocery store in our colony, or any supermarket.  From measuring a gold chain to grain bags; hanging balances are required everywhere.  

Indirectly also, weighing solutions is a part of our day-to-day activity. When we buy a grain bag, we see the quantity written on it. We hardly bother to get it weighed while purchasing. Likewise, when we buy a gold chain from a jeweler, we seldom ask him to prove that it's 95% pure gold. In these cases, we believe that proper weighing has been done and we aren’t required to verify it. So that’s how correct weighing solutions keep our lives simple and tension-free!  



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