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Which type of Weighbridge (Dharam Kanta) is Best for Your Business

Posted on October 7th, 2021 04:48 PM
Truck Weighbridge

Weighbridge area unit is massive, extremely sturdy, and extremely correct items of kit accustomed to acquiring precise weight measurements of commercial and client vehicles. Before getting or hiring a weighing machine, it’s necessary to form certain you perceive the ins and outs of this instrumentality additionally as acquaint yourself with the various choices obtainable.


We’ve created this short guide to assist you in creating the proper call and finding the weighing machine that is true for you. There are unit 2 main types of weighbridge ( धर्मकांटा ) on offer: pit type and pitless. looking at your circumstances and also the setting within which you plan to position the weighing machine, you’ll favor one or the opposite.

Pit Type Weighbridge

As the name suggests, the pit sort weighing machine is placed within a fanatical pit that is level with the encircling surfaces. Whilst this feature is also costlier at first, it may also be extraordinarily helpful for corporations trying to find a longer-term resolution.

This is a result of the weighing machine won’t impede any vehicles or individuals and can freely travel across the surface in any respect times. This removes the requirement to relocate weighbridges so as to accommodate changes in your business, saving you time and (potentially) cash.

As they’re settled within a pit, these weighbridges don’t need safety rails or ramps to be put in. This not solely means that there’s less to contemplate once the weighing machine has been put in, it additionally makes the platform safer and easier to use.

Surface Mounted

On the other hand, a surface-mounted weighing machine doesn’t need a pit for installation. Instead, the bridge is just placed on the prime of the bottom, with vehicles getting into and going away via ramps on opposing sides of the platform.

Surface-mounted weighbridges ( Dharam Kanta ) area units typically chosen by corporations UN agencies aren’t willing or area units unable to construct a pit additionally as people who solely need the instrumentality briefly. These weighbridges area units are more price effective than their pit mounted counterparts and additionally need the smallest {amount} amount of on-site preparation.

However, they need a way larger footprint, and their elevated positioning will make it tough for vehicles to maneuver around the platform, particularly in smaller areas.

Mobile Weighbridge

We originally declared there have been solely 2 kinds of weighbridges however, in reality, standard weighbridges cowl is somewhat of a 3rd choice. Modular weighbridges area unit comprised of 2 or additional individual modules that might be used singly or in conjunction with each other. this permits you to weigh larger vehicles by combining multiple sections along. The modularity of the bridge permits a business to expand into larger and longer vehicles because the business grows.

So, is that weighing machine Best for You?

For smaller corporations with the requirement for sporadic vehicle consideration or a short-lived weighing machine resolution (anywhere between six months and 2 years), it’s going to be best to settle on a surface-mounted model because of the benefit of installation and also the associated lower prices.

Conversely, pit-mounted weighbridges area units are typically the most effective alternative for larger organizations wherever vehicle consideration may be an additional elementary part of the operating day. The pit-mounted style will make the weighing machine easier to use and easier to figure around which might maximize the convenience and speed of service you’ll give to your customers.

In addition, standard weighbridges are advantageous for any growing company, because the standard weighing machine style is extended to accommodate larger vehicles as the company grows. It is also necessary to buy it from an authorized weighbridge manufacturer.


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